the journey begins

Welcome to the The Plot, if you have stumbled across this blog then we should probably first apologise, we’re still in the very early stages of getting used to blogging.

We are city dwellers and The Plot is our little peace of paradise, situated in the heart of Cape Town in the suburb of Oranjezicht. Having grown up with vegetable gardens the desire to grow our own food has always been strong, after moving into this beautiful home and staring at the grass below for a few weeks we quickly felt the itch getting worse and so began planning our garden.

With the rising awareness of the vulnerability of food security and the increasing movement back towards local, small scale, community driven markets there is a revived focus on knowing the source, engaging with the growers and practicing natural, low impact farming. We knew that if we weren’t becoming part of the solution we would continue to remain part of the problem. We hope that our journey helps to inspire, motivate and create awareness for others.

As a young family we wanted our son to know where his food comes from, feel and see the journey it takes, discover new and exotic strains and be inspired to care for, nourish and respect mother nature.

Through this blog we’ll share images and stories along our journey, if you like and relate to what you see please do get in touch with us as its together through shared knowledge that we make a grande change.

So this is our first blog post, the blog has been started a little later than our journey, but we’ve tried to start where all things should, at the beginning.

The ground below our home is filled with builders rubble and sand and the soil is not nutrient rich, for this reason we chose to focus our vegetable garden in raised beds.

In the images below you’ll see that we started by marking out the placement of our beds. We decided that we would make the farm half of the garden as this would still give us a chance to host friends and relax under our beautiful Yellowwood tree that shades the left side. Our garden is watered by a grey water system that pulls water from our showers, bath and bathroom sinks.

we post regularly on Instagram so for some more images please like us there.